Tips To Select Car Winter Tires

Many people are looking for advice when selecting good winter tires because tires are very important parts of the car and selecting the best of them accordingly to the weather is critical especially during winter time. Before hit the road, you would like to find out the best way of selecting good winter tires for your vehicle as during winter season, this can be crucial for your safety.

– Many choices of tire designs

Due to ever evolving new technologies, there are various designs involved in winter tires which provide safe traction and handling in the worst possible weather – like in snow, ice, wet weather conditions. The reason that winter tires are becoming so popular among many drivers is that their rubber compounds tend to remain flexible in colder temperatures outside, and providing much more improved safety margin and stopping power compared to other types of tires.

– Know right size and type of your tire

For the best tire choice, you need to know the size and the type of tires recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. This is because the range of tires you will want for your car depends on the specifications given by your car manufacturer. Many people fail to understand this and they have problems with their tires. You can find this information on the manual given with the car. After that you can choose variety of tires of your choice at the local tires dealer. Metal stud tires are needed in some icy parts of the country. If this is your case you will need to purchase two types of winter tires for your car. One of the sets will be used during the months that are prone to be icy because those are the months when you are allowed to use them. The other set will be used during the other cold, wet and muddy months.

– Choosing roads and easy with brakes

Another thing is that your winter tires should have the same size and should be of the same type and tread if you do not want to lose traction. Also, you should avoid equipping your car with extra large tires for it. This is because these types of tires will surely damage your suspension and this is not something you want at any case. Snow tires and regular ones differ in many aspects. The snow tires have wider space between treads making them dig into snow. On the other hand, regular tires are great for a smooth ride but you can have serious problems when it comes to handling the car on snow or icy road.

If you do not want to equip your car with snow tires or you do not live in an area where snow is a real problem, just go for the temporary solution of having tire chains when it snows. This is great for those who do not want to spend serious money on snow tires as often as others living in heavy snow area.